Football Coaching Schools

SoccerKidz is a football coaching school for children in the London/Hertfordshire areas. Our experienced football coaches teach boys and girls from ages 5 – 14, of all abilities and experience levels. SoccerKidz football coaching school offers a variety of different courses as well as the game of football, including Futsal coaching, SAQ training, football player assessments and children’s football parties.

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Why Choose Football Coaching

Parents send their kids to football coaching for a number of different reasons. The main and perhaps most obvious reason is that football is the worlds most popular sport and many kids dream of becoming professional footballers, having seen their heroes playing on TV. If you bring your child along to a SoccerKidz course we promise to make them a better player no matter what their ability is. Whether it’s a more advanced player who may be good enough to make it as a professional or a younger player who is just happy to be playing we guarantee to improve players in a fun and safe environment. Our sessions are tailored to the individual needs so that all players can improve at their own pace in a no pressure environment.

Football coaching can also help improve the social side of a child’s development. Being a team game encourages interaction with other players.

What Happens in a Football Coaching Session? 

When your child comes along to a SoccerKidz football coaching course we guarantee to improve them. For some children you can see an improvement in a very short space of time whilst others take longer to show signs of improvement. SoccerKidz understand this and so will teach your child in a patient and no pressure environment to ensure all players leave our courses happy. In a one to one session the whole focus will be on your child. We recommend that this lasts for 1 hour as this gives us plenty of time to work on different areas of the game and keeps the player focussed and able to take in the information given to them. On our group sessions we play for 1 hour and work on all aspects of the game. At the beginning of each session we will do a warm up to get the players ready for the practice ahead. This will always be done with a football. We will then move on to our theme for the day e.g. keeping the ball, defending, passing before moving onto a fun game based on the theme. For the final part of the session we put the players into teams and play a match so they can use what they have been taught in a match environment. All of our football coaching is done in a fun environment as not only do we want the players to learn but we also want them to enjoy learning and getting better. All players can get a huge boost to their self-esteem from playing football as they can see how they are improving and also it encourages them to interact with other children from all sorts of different backgrounds.