Evening Clubs

SoccerKidz Evening Clubs will run between each school term time for both boys & girls aged from 3.5-11 years across Enfield and the surrounding areas. Venues will be both indoors and outdoors depending on the time of the year.

SoccerKidz will continue in our promise of creating a non pressurized environment that allows children to continue to flourish and to improve slowly at their own pace, before moving onto new challenges. It does not matter what your current skill level is, as you will be trained in all the basic skills, incorporating passing, dribbling, running with the ball and shooting. SoccerKidz knows the importance of communication during football, so a big part of the course concentrates on team building.

On the evening of the final session we will host a presentation whereby all players are presented with medals as a reward for all their hard work.

There are no courses currently available. To register your interest in this course please fill in the contact form.