Goalkeeper Training

At SoccerKidz we realize that goalkeeping is such a specialised position that is hard for onlookers, parents and non-specialist coaches to completely understand. We therefore offer a unique goalkeeping service for all ages and ability levels. Our experienced SoccerKidz goalkeeper coach can coach one to one or group goalkeeping sessions.

The SoccerKidz goal keeper coach likes to focus on educating goalkeepers by putting real emphasis on technical coaching with appropriate conditioning training. This helps produce keepers that have good awareness, creativity and excellent technical ability.

Our coach will do this by encouraging good focus and attitude in all keepers, but not forgetting that effective learning takes place in an environment of fun, support and enjoyment.

SoccerKidz also realise that good mental skills are needed to be a goalkeeper, therefore we incorporate strong, positive mental skills into our keeper’s coaching sessions. This is to help teach goalkeepers to deal with the inevitable mistakes and criticism ahead.

SoccerKidz goalkeeper coaching will cover:-

  • Shot stopping
  • Handling & ball familiarity
  • Distribution
  • Crosses
  • Tactical awareness: such as supporting the defence and starting counter attacks.
  • Game Related Scenarios: such as 1v1’s and the back pass.
  • Specific training aimed to improve awareness, agility and coordination.

SoccerKidz will provide all the training equipment for these sessions.

Group sessions are also available upon request.

SoccerKidz abide by the Child Protection and Best Practice regulations put in place by the Football Association, during a one to one goalkeeping session, we request that a parent or guardian are available for the hour to watch over the session.

For further information please request a call back with your name and contact details and will shall contact you as soon as possible.