School Holidays

SoccerKidz School Holiday football courses will be run by our experienced and professional coaches during all school holidays at various venues across Enfield and the surrounding London and Hertfordshire areas.

Our school holidays courses are delivered to meet each individual’s needs. We provide a safe, secure and disciplined environment, where each child matters. The players are placed into age appropriate groups, this is done to ensure the safety of all children. You can be assured that SoccerKidz coaches will get to know each of the players in their respective groups and make sure that they have the time of their lives.

At SoccerKidz we create a scenario where each player leaves the course having improved their football skills, but also having made new friendships through interacting with other like minded children. For young people to achieve their potential we provide football coaching that is enjoyable and challenging but also very achievable. Our staff will create a non pressurized environment that allows children to flourish and to improve slowly at their own pace, before setting new challenges. This is a very rewarding process and one that is shared between coaches and the players.

To ensure that each child makes progress through the week we initially group the players in their appropriate age group. If throughout the week, the player demonstrates that he/she would benefit from moving either up a group or down a group, we will ensure that the move is made. This decision would be in consultation with the player and parents.

Each day will comprise of football coaching and skill sessions during the morning and fun games and matches during the afternoon. The players take one hour for lunch.

There are no courses currently available. To register your interest in this course please fill in the contact form.