Why Choose SoccerKidz for Your Child’s Football Training?

Why Choose SoccerKidz for Your Child’s Football Training?

By Mark
April 15, 2024

Football remains the most popular team sport in the UK, with more than three million children aged five to 15 playing the game on a regular basis, according to the Football Association’s own figures.

So, if you live in or around North London, what’s the best way of introducing your child to the beautiful game? Here SoccerKidz, who offer football training for children in Haringey, and across North London and Hertfordshire, explain why signing up to one of our courses is an ideal of learning all about the sport.


Your Children Will Learn AND Have Fun

At SoccerKidz, we always make sure that every child is given a good grounding in all the basic aspects of the game – whether it’s dribbling, shooting, passing, defending or some of the tactical elements in an engaging and easy-to-understand way.

However, we also ensure that everyone has plenty of fun and enjoys themselves; any goals or challenges we set will always be achievable, depending on the age (our courses are suitable for anyone aged 3.5 to 14) and the ability of the group, and any feedback we offer will always be constructive.


Our Range of Courses

We appreciate that, as parents, you may find it difficult to fit some dates into your own schedules, so we run our courses at a variety of different times – at the weekend, after school, and during the school holidays.

Some of our courses can also be offered through your child’s school as well – for instance, we offer PPA cover to schools in and around North London.


The Contacts We Have

Although our principal aim is to introduce youngsters to the sport, we also offer a pathway into the professional game. This is partly through the Elite Nights sessions which we can offer; these are invitation-only courses that will have the minimum of UEFA B (FA Level 3) coaching.

Players that show real potential will be selected from our various courses or through recommendations from trusted scouts. Hopefully they will gain the necessary technical and tactical ability to be considered by a pro club in the future. And many of our coaches have experience of – and still have contacts in – the professional game, which could also help your youngster’s sporting career.


The Safety and Security

The wellbeing and welfare of your children, while they are attending any of our sessions, is our top priority. So, as well as being fully qualified (all the members of our team have either FA Level One or Two or UEFA coaching accreditation), our staff are also insured, DBS checked, and trained in child protection and first aid.

And on some of our courses, such as our 1-2-1 training sessions, we insist that a parent or guardian is on hand to watch over the session; this is in line with the Child Protection and Best Practice regulations put in place by the English FA.


The Other Courses We Offer

We don’t just offer football courses (although those are our speciality). For instance, we can also lay on after-school multi-sport activities. These include a variety of different sports to give children opportunities to learn and play different sports that they may not always have a chance to play; your child’s school can apply for a free taster session.

We can also help with your son or daughter’s birthday celebrations, as we organise children’s football parties in London and Hertfordshire. We offer Gold, Silver and Bronze packages and, whichever one you opt for, we will combine football coaching with fun and games. At the end of the day, every child receives a certificate (and the birthday boy or girl receives a special present).


Football Training for Children in Haringey with SoccerKidz

If you would like to learn more about any of our courses, follow this link and fill in the online form; you can also call us on 07946 260945.

Post By : Mark