How SoccerKidz Can Make School Sport Safe Going Forward

How SoccerKidz Can Make School Sport Safe Going Forward

By Mark
August 17, 2020


All pupils are due to return to school next month – and that means that, after several months of lockdown caused by the coronavirus, they have the chance to enjoy some exercise. This will bring lots of benefits, for their mental and their physical health.

SoccerKidz, who provide football coaching for schools in London, can make sure that your PE lessons will be enjoyable for the pupils – and the teachers too, who will be secure in the knowledge that the sessions will be taken by fully-qualified experts, giving them more time in the classroom.

What the Guidance Says

The Department for Education’s guidance, published in August, has left it up to individual schools to decide what sports they are going to provide, although outdoor sports should be given priority over indoor ones.

Contact sports should be avoided to maintain social distancing as much as possible and pupils should be kept in consistent groups or ‘bubbles.’  And all sports equipment will be thoroughly cleaned after it has been used by different groups.

How SoccerKidz Can Help

SoccerKidz have plenty of specialist expertise in adapting lessons to suit the circumstances. We have been providing highly successful PPA cover for schools in and around London for several years, and we can lay on a lot of enjoyable activities other than football. As well as the normal team sports, we can also offer tennis, table tennis and boxercise, as well as activities like problem-solving games, Speed Agility Quickness (SAQ) lessons, and other playground games.

All our coaches are UEFA or FA qualified, fully insured, DBS checked and qualified first aiders. So we can help your school and staff by taking the stress out of organising the PE lessons.

SoccerKidz Puts Safety First

To get round the problem of social distancing, we will be running lessons which focus more on individual technique. This will be of huge benefit to the children as they will be spending more time practising and improving at their own pace. Children may be required to practise in their own personal space or area, depending on what the lesson is focussing on.

We will discuss with the school how they wish to have their PE lessons run, but we will also be able to make recommendations based on the size of the playing area available and size of the bubbles. Our coaches will make sure that when teaching these lessons, they maintain the required social distance throughout and will have clear zones where children can and cannot go.  All the equipment that is used will be cleaned after use, but we will also try to rotate equipment where possible to avoid cross-contamination.

We will do a risk assessment with each school to see what arrangements need to be made, which may include arriving and leaving from different areas, or parents only on site at the end of the session. Each school’s arrangements may be different, and we will work closely with the school to make sure that coaches, players, teachers and parents all know what these are and how to follow them.

The Courses We Are Offering

As well as helping with school PE lessons, SoccerKidz are also able to offer our usual full range of other courses, including weekend clubs, plus breakfast, lunchtime and after-school clubs.

Our weekend clubs have already restarted and are for boys and girls aged 3.5 to 11 years old. These are tailored to fit the age and abilities of the children involved and are designed to ensure that everyone gets the maximum enjoyment out of every session. And at the end of every course, medals are awarded to everyone who has taken part.

Football Coaching for Schools in London from SoccerKidz

SoccerKidz have been providing football coaching for schools in London and Hertfordshire for many years. Our kids’ soccer schools have proved highly popular in Enfield, Barnet, Broxbourne, Cheshunt and many other towns in the region.

We will make sure that the pupils get plenty of enjoyment out of each and every session, whether it’s football or any other appropriate sport or activity. If you would like to know more, follow this link for our latest list of courses, or call us on 07946 260945.

Post By : Mark