Advantages of Booking Your Birthday Party with SoccerKidz

Advantages of Booking Your Birthday Party with SoccerKidz

By Mark
January 24, 2022

Are you stuck for an idea on how to mark your child’s birthday? Then book one of our children’s football parties, which we offer to youngsters in and around London. They are a healthy and fun way to make sure your son or daughter – and their friends – have an enjoyable and memorable day.


It Takes Away Some of the Stress of Party Organising

While you will still be responsible for the venue hire and the food and drinks. For an hour or two, we will take care of everything else. This means you won’t have to worry about organising any additional party games, extra catering, etc.

We will make sure, as far as possible, that everyone has a good time. We are highly experienced in organising sessions for children, both in school and outside. So we know how to create a fun and engaging experience for youngsters. We always comply with the latest official guidance relating to the coronavirus. And all our coaches are DBS checked and trained in child protection and first aid for added peace of mind.


It Will Do Them Good

The health benefits of exercise, particularly in young people, are very well known. In fact, young people should take part in an hour of physical activity each and every day. This exercise helps to develop their movement skills, muscles and bones for later life.

Our parties are an excellent way to not just have a fun and unforgettable birthday party but to keep fit and active at the same time. It will also have the added benefit of offsetting the effects of any party food they may be enjoying at the event.


They Can Encourage an Interest in Football

Our birthday parties can act as an excellent springboard to our other activities. If they enjoy themselves during the party, then we also offer a range of other courses too – such as weekend and after-school sessions (as well as PPA cover during term time) – that they may be interested in taking part in.

Again, the emphasis is on having fun and learning through play. However, we do offer 1-on-1 football training in Barnet, Enfield and across North London and Hertfordshire for those looking to work on specific areas of their game or with aspirations to play professionally. We also run specialist sessions for budding young goalkeepers.

We have excellent contacts within the professional game too, particularly with the clubs in and around London, which helps if your child wants to – and has the ability to – take up the game seriously.


We Don’t Forget the Birthday Boy or Girl

While we try our very best to ensure everyone has a good time, we realise that the most important person is of course the special boy or girl is who is celebrating their birthday. So all our packages, whether they are gold, silver or bronze, include a special present for whoever is celebrating their big day.


Gold, Silver and Bronze – Our Children’s Football Parties in London

We have three different birthday party packages available for youngsters:

  • The Bronze Package includes an hour of football coaching, fun and games. Everyone who comes gets a certificate – medals are available at an additional cost.
  • The Silver Package contains all of the above, plus an additional half an hour of coaching/sports time.
  • And finally, The Gold Package has everything the Silver and Bronze options do, plus a full two hours of activities.

If you are interested in our football birthday parties and would like to make an inquiry follow this link and fill in our online contact form. If you would like to know more about the other activities we offer, then click here.

Post By : Mark