Key Advantages of Our Weekend Football Courses for Children

Key Advantages of Our Weekend Football Courses for Children

By Mark
November 11, 2022

According to the NHS, children need 60 minutes of physical activity each day. During the week they receive 30 minutes of this each day at school. However, on Saturdays and Sundays, when they don’t get the benefits of school PE lessons, it’s even more important that they stay active.

Here SoccerKidz, who offer weekend youth soccer coaching in and around London, look at the advantages of enrolling your child into a scheduled programme of sport at the weekend.


It Keeps Them Fit

Making the commitment, both financially as well as timewise, ensures your child won’t spend all weekend glued to the TV, their computer, or mobile phone. This also means there isn’t any drop-off in physical activity for them between Monday-Friday and the weekend.

Regular exercise helps build a stronger heart, bones and healthier muscles, say the NHS. Studies show that exercise also improves non-physical attributes of children such as their concentration, academic prowess and their ability to get a good night’s sleep.


It’s Enjoyable…

At SoccerKidz, we believe in children having fun, whatever type of courses we are running. That is why we always opt for positive encouragement, and any criticism on offer is designed to be constructive.

Your son or daughter will be put in a group of children with a similar ability to them so they will get the most out of each session. We generally split the sessions by age group, with Reception to Year 2 in one hour, and Years 3 to 6 in the next. And, everyone will get a medal at the end of the course to remind them of their achievements and to look back on with pride.


…and Educational

We give them a thorough grounding in all aspects of the game of football, which should stand them in good stead regardless of if they want to play at a higher level or just for fun.

We encourage problem-solving during the sessions and the value of teamwork. The sessions can also help build up their confidence and improve their social skills, as well as teach them respect for authority and the rules. These are important life lessons that have a far wider application than the football pitch.


It’s Easier for You Too

As parents, we all have busy lives and it can often be difficult to organise any sporting activities during the working week. At SoccerKidz you can be sure your children will be well supervised during the hour-long sessions by fully qualified professionals who have many years of experience in dealing with children.

Our coaches are all trained in first aid and are DBS checked, and we follow all of the Best Practice and Child Protection policies laid down by the Football Association.


Weekend Youth Soccer Coaching in London with SoccerKidz

If you would like to know more about our weekend youth soccer coaching in the London area, follow this link.

We don’t just run courses outside of school time; we also run breakfast, lunchtime and evening sessions at schools in and around London.

And, our expertise isn’t just restricted to football. We do other sports too, regularly offering PPA cover in Broxbourne, Cheshunt, and across Hertfordshire and North London. Helping teachers who don’t have the time or expertise to run the lessons themselves. For more information, follow this link.

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