SoccerKidz – Helping Parents and Children

SoccerKidz – Helping Parents and Children

By Mark
March 2, 2018

Parents can play as important a role as sports coaches when helping their child to develop. The right sort of encouragement during matches and training sessions can be of lasting benefit to your son or daughter.

At SoccerKidz, we offer a wide range of football training for children throughout London, so we appreciate the crucial role parents can play. Here are our top tips for mums and dads who want to help their children get the most out of their time on the pitch.

Try to Keep Quiet

Don’t keep shouting out to your child during a game, or even a coaching session, as this can undermine the authority of the coach. Children can easily get confused if they have conflicting advice from parents and coaches.

You should also avoid getting involved in arguments with other parents, whether it is about decisions made by the referee or coach, or on team selections and the merits of different players. This can spoil the atmosphere and damage friendships between the children. At SoccerKidz we always put the emphasis on having fun.

Be Positive

If you have to say anything, try to make it positive or constructive, as your child can easily get dispirited by criticism. After the match, or on the way home, can be a good time to offer feedback rather than during the session.

Avoid falling into the trap of criticising the referee, the coach or other children if something does not go well. Blaming others all the time is not a good life lesson for your child. Try to be polite and thank the coaches for their time and efforts.

Let Your Child Learn

Your child must be allowed to learn from any mistakes they have made. Let them take responsibility for their own decisions during the game or coaching session. Don’t let them believe that the result of a game is everything, as the process and experience is more important. You should also tell them that a sporting failure is not the same thing as a personal failure.

How SoccerKidz Can Help

At SoccerKidz we offer breakfast and after-school clubs for primary schools, plus sessions during the holidays and weekends, evening groups and special elite nights for the more naturally gifted player. We always create a positive atmosphere where children are encouraged to figure out the answers to problems for themselves. Our courses are aimed at children aged from three and a half to 14 years old.

We also run multi-sports sessions which gives pupils and children the chance to take part in a sport they might not usually be able to play.

Our sessions follow the child protection and best practice recommendations laid down by the Football Association. For example, any one-to-one training should always be overseen by a parent or guardian as well as the coach.

SoccerKidz offers football training for children across London and Hertfordshire, including Cheshunt, Barnet and Welwyn Hatfield. Our coaches are all FA- or UEFA-qualified and have a thorough grounding in all aspects of football. If you would like to know more about any of our courses, follow the link above.

Post By : Mark