How Football Can Boost a Child’s Confidence

How Football Can Boost a Child’s Confidence

By Mark
October 15, 2019

As many as one in three children today lack confidence, according to a recent survey of more than 1,000 young people. Social media pressures, and the need to project a positive image for the outside world, has been a big factor in this.

However, many studies have also shown that participating in a team sport like football can help boost a child’s self-esteem. At SoccerKidz, we constantly see how taking part in one of our football clubs for children in the London area can help boys and girls to improve their outlook on life.

It’s A Chance to Enjoy Success

On one of our courses, there are several ways for children to improve their self-esteem. It can be done on an individual level, if they learn to master a particular skill, such as heading, tackling or passing. Alternatively, all the boys and girls on our courses can enjoy collective successes, such as their team winning a match.

The sense of achievement can be all the greater if they have been struggling with any aspect of the game. At SoccerKidz, we encourage active learning, which encourages children to think for themselves and to solve their own problems.

It Boosts their Fitness

Here we are not just talking about a child’s physical fitness but their mental fitness as well. Youngsters feel better about themselves if they take regular exercise, as the brain releases chemicals known as endorphins during and after the physical activity. These help to trigger a positive feeling in the body, known amongst adult athletes as ‘runner’s high’. This helps to counter stress, depression, anxiety, and a series of other mental health-related issues.

There are also a number of purely physical improvements which result as well. Exercise through playing football can strengthen a child’s heart, reduce their body fat and lower their blood pressure.

It’s A Source of Encouragement

At SoccerKidz we make sure that good work on the football pitch is always recognised. This can take the form of a simple thumbs-up, or verbal praise in front of the whole group. And it doesn’t only come from us either, but from their team-mates and parents as well.

It Improves their Social Skills

Playing real football, rather than just a computer version of the sport, gets children out of the house and allows them to mix with other people their own age. The game can help improve their communication skills, particularly in a team setting or during a match. And a team environment provides the perfect opportunity for nervous children to stand up for themselves, without being too aggressive.

Football Clubs for Children in London with SoccerKidz

SoccerKidz run football clubs for children in many different locations in and around London, including Welwyn Hatfield, Barnet, Cheshunt and Haringey. We take great care to make sure they are appropriate for the ages and abilities of the youngsters taking part. We put the emphasis on fun, and even when someone makes a mistake, we always provide plenty of positive feedback to help boost their confidence.

We also offer some specialist courses, such as 1 on 1 outfield player training, and our elite nights, which are aimed at players who have shown a real aptitude for the sport. If you would like to learn more about our current range of courses, follow this link or call us on 07946 260945.

Post By : Mark